Werner Ahrens


Specialised in the field of Marine Surveying, Werner handles complex insurance claims for clients all over the world. With his vast knowledge of commerce, the shipping industry and Classification rules & regulations, Werner can assist you with hull & machinery and cargo surveys with clear and concise report writing.

Patrick Adam


Grown up in the heart of the Dutch dredging market in a maritime family, Patrick worked for over 18 years in the maritime business. With a degree in mechanical engineering Patrick started as a service engineer in his early days repairing vessels all over the world and left the dock floors to eventually manage 3 Rolls-Royce entities in Africa. His specialisation lies in service and repair of any mechanical equipment.

Andre Zandberg


With a cum laude in electrical engineering & Masters degree in the pocket, Andre started working in the maritime industry specializing in the controls and electrics of vessels. For the past 8 years he has been focusing on upgrades and design improvements. With his experience both in the dry-docks, on open water and as a sales manager, Andre will assure you have control over your vessel.

Zeenad Martins


Zeenad is our administrator and the heart of the company. With a background of working at Bureau Veritas she is familiar with the maritime industry and especially the surveying side of it. Among many other tasks Zeenad makes sure that all reports, invoices, timesheets and supporting documents are sent to our customers within 24 hours and she helps the team with all required administrative actions. 

Calandra Moalusi

Financial Controller

Calandra is our Financial Controller. With a background in finance at Rolls-Royce for almost 10 years she knows the maritime industry like no other. Calandra manages the financial side of our business and will be able to assist you with any financial queries. 

Rhynhardt Engelbrecht

Service Engineer

Being the first engineer to join the 17 and counting strong team. Rhynhardt, Like with quite a few other employees, started his career in the maritime industry at Rolls-Royce. His background is Mechanical but at Dynamic he expanded his skills by training in the Netherlands on the commissioning of Scrubber installations. If he is not travelling the world commissioning scrubbers, he assists the team with mechanical overhauls of gearboxes, propulsion, winches, cranes, performing shaft alignments or helps our surveyors with the surveying work. Problem solving, flexibility and good communication skills are is strong points.

Willie Le Roux

Service Engineer

Willie is our Service Engineer specialized in overhauling any type of engine. With 15 years of experience working on all types of engines and 10 years in the maritime industry, Willie is capable of solving any engine problem or assisting with any type of planned overhaul. The main brands which Willie has serviced onboard over the last 10 years in the maritime industry are; Caterpillar, MTU, Cummins, Bergen Diesel, ABC, Deutz, Volvo Penta, MAK and Wartsilla engines. 

Izak Smit

Service Engineer

Izak is our Service Engineer specialized in overhauling any type of engine. Izak has extensive experience in the Maritime industry by servicing a wide range of engines from Caterpillar, MTU, Cummins, Bergen Diesel, ABC, Deutz, Volvo Penta, MAK and Wartsilla. Armed with 16 years of experience by working on all types of engines in the maritime industry, Izak is capable of solving any engine problem or assisting with any type of planned overhaul you may have.

James Turner

DP Surveyor

Due to our good contact with Stellenbosch University we came in contact with James. James has a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and was hired as a trainee on the DP systems. After working closely with our Senior DP surveyor for a year on nearly 30 FMEA projects James was send to India where he was trained by Kongsberg and Aquamarine. James has completed his Kongsberg K-Pos maintenance course and is now a self supporting DP Engineer & Surveyor, travelling throughout Africa to perform maintenance on DP systems, perform DP surveys and FMEA trials.  

Stefan de Beer

Service Engineer

Stefan is our mechanical engineer. He has a vast experience in all mechanical equipment onboard. From your pumps, to your winches, your propulsion to your engines. Stefan has worked all over Africa on most of the bigger OEM brands like MAN, CAT, ZF gearboxes, Niigata propulsion, MTU and Rolls-Royce engines and Rolls-Royce Propulsion. 

Marco Moalusi

Service Engineer

Marco is our ships electrician. Starting his career 12 years ago in the Namibian mining industry maintaining capital mining equipment, he soon changed to the more Dynamic Maritime industry working for the well known Polish shipyard Remontowa. In Namibia Marco worked on a wide scale of control platforms performing new installations, upgrade control platforms and perform troubleshooting. Marco was trained in the Netherlands on the Sick instrumentation, green instruments and Vacon frequency drives and is trained in Namibia performing surveys with our team. 

Kyle Liguma

Service Engineer

Kyle is one of the first engineers to join our team. With a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and experience in hydraulics, he is able to assist in all mechanical repairs. Through Dynamic Marine Survey & Solutions Kyle has broadened his knowledge by receiving training in the Netherlands on the commissioning of Scrubbers, since then Kyle has been travelling the world attending vessel’s scrubber installations.

When Kyle isn’t travelling and is in Namibia, he has assists the team with various projects from mechanical drawings, repairs or overhauls to marine or cargo surveying.

Johan Le Roux

Service Engineer

Johan is our engine specialist with close to 20 years of experience working with any type of engine and over 10 years of experience working in the maritime and mining industry. From generators to main eniges. Johan has a vast experience on Rolls-Royce, Bergen, MTU, MAN, Wartsilla, Volvo, Deutz, Stork, Pielstick, Cummins & Yanmar engines to gearboxes and propulsion. Planned maintenance, breakdowns or trouble shooting, Johan will be the right engineer for the job. 

Andre Fouche

Marine Auditor & Surveyor

Capt. Fouche is the second Master Mariner to join our team. He started his career in the SA Navy, thereafter he joined the merchant fleet and sailed on cargo vessels, including Container, Bulk, Tankers, Mining, Heavy lift, Research and Patrol. He then moved to the Offshore industry where he sailed as Captain and SDPO on high horsepower, deep water Anchor handling vessels. Andre has extensive experience in the Offshore industry in roles such as Tow Master (Warranty Approved), MWS, OVID and CMID inspector, Audits, Marine Rep, Surveyor, Heavy lifts, STS ops, Port and Flag state, P&I, Class surveys and Consultant. Andre is your point of contact for all Marine related matters.

Willi-Jon Rencs

Software & Controls Engineer

Willi Jon is our software and controls expert. With a back ground working for desalination plants on Siemens systems, PLC's and SCADA systems he is the ideal engineer for the complicated software issues onboard. To expand his skills Dynamic sent him to the Netherlands for additional training on Praxis, SICK, Green Instruments and Vacon frequency converters. Willi-Jon has strong communication skills, can design software for any purpose and has excellent problem solving skills.

Titus Nghinongwa 

Software Engineer

Titus like Willi-Jon has a background working for desalination plants in Namibia. He worked on Siemens systems, PLC's and SCADA systems he is the ideal engineer for the complicated software issues onboard. To expand his skills Dynamic sent him to the Netherlands for additional training on Praxis, SICK, Green Instruments and Vacon frequency converters. Titus has the unique ability to stay calm under pressure and with his problem solving mentality will always find a solution to get your vessel in operation. 

Bradley Mouton

Cargo Surveyor

Bradley is one of our cargo surveyors. Experienced in cargo surveys for the past 6 years witnessing cargo discharges & loading, tally services, quality checks, vanning surveys & thermal scanning, Bradley is our ‘go to’ man. Commitment and dedication to his work makes him reliable and a valuable asset to the team.

Quentin van Eeden

Service Engineer

Quintin is our electrical service engineer. Quintin has been working in the field of electrical engineering for 20 years with over 8 years in the maritime industry. Armed with extensive knowledge in winch electrics, main engine electrics, generators, switchboards, electric motors, PLC's and VSD he is able to solve any electrical problem onboard and world wide. 

Hannes Reinecke

DP Surveyor

Hannes is our third DP surveyor. With a degree in electromechanical engineering and a extensive practical training onboard offshore vessels in the dynamic position field, he is specialized in performing DP and FMEA trials. He is also qualified by RINA to perform your IHM Surveys.  

Ruben Coetzee

Cargo Surveyor

Ruben is one of our Cargo Surveyors. He might be the youngest of all the engineers, but a specialist in his field. With any cargo and vanning survey, Ruben is your go to to perform your survey to the highest standard.

Ivan van Wyk

Cargo Surveyor

With 6 years of experience in Cargo surveying, inspections, quantity and quality surveying, Ivan helps in the Thermal Scanning division. With a genuine commitment to the job on hand, he meets changing deadlines while still producing the highest-quality work.

Cpt. Gunnar Hardarson

DP Specialist & Auditor

Capt. Gunnar is the first official mariner to represent DMSS on DP related matters. With more than 53 Years of sea going experience and 10 years offshore experience as Captain with an Unlimited DP License, Capt. Gunnar is your point of contact at DMSS for complex related DP Matters.